Thinking About Planning an Outdoor Kitchen? There Are Three Things You Must Know.

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Outdoor kitchens range from simple to extravagant. Some may be just a grill, some counter space and a mini fridge. Others may be, not just a kitchen with everything you need to prepare, cook serve and clean up a meal, but a dinning and living area as well, complete with couches, tables, fireplaces and even flat screen TVs. Whatever the size of your outdoor kitchen it can turn your backyard into a great place to entertain. Put it near your pool and your guests may never want to leave. Here are 3 things to consider when planning your outdoor kitchen


An outdoor kitchen done right should include 4 separate functional zones: a hot zone, a dry zone, a wet zone and a cold zone. Here’s a graphic explaining some things each of the zones may include.

2. Extending the Outdoor Entertaining Season

You will also want to do what you can to make your outdoor kitchen and dining area comfortable year round. Here are some tips for extending the use of your space.


No one wants to be cooking alone while everyone else is socializing out of ear shot. If you create seating around your outdoor kitchen it will allow you to participate in the conversations while you are preparing the food instead of being isolated. If your kitchen is next to your pool a swim up bar with built in seating is an option that allows your guests to socialize without having to leave the pool. You’ll want seating outside the pool as well for guests that aren’t wanting to swim and for the colder months when it’s too cold to be in the water.

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