Swimming Pool Rope Swings – An Alternative to Diving Boards and Slides

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Are you thinking about adding a fun feature to your pool but looking for an alternative to a water slide or diving board? We’re noticing a growing trend in customers wanting to add rope swings to their swimming pool design. This can be a unique feature that makes your pool extra special.

In order for a pool rope swing to function and be safe, it has to be suspended from an apparatus that extends out over the deepest part of the swimming pool. Here are a couple ways we have seen this done.

One way way is to extend a large wooden beam over the pool like in the photo shown here. The wooden beam pairs well with the natural style of the swimming pool and the stone work encasing the base of the pillars helps blend it into the environment. For a more modern style pool a metal beam could be substituted for the wood and the base could be encased in materials that work with the swimming pools finish.

This swing uses an elaborate arch design that matches the Mediterranean style of the swimming pool. This type of design doesn’t jut out over the water as much as a beam. It can be as simple or extravagant as desired and tailored to match any pool. This particular pool features a raised platform, but a more simple design can be level with the pool, or only slightly raised.

One of the recurring themes we’ve seen is like the one in this photo. These pools take the natural setting to the extreme by incorporating rock waterfalls and grottos, and gunite trees that function as the swing structure. These “trees” are made out of steel beams and mesh that is coated in gunite and finished to look like a tree. This type of design is very unique, and thus only works for a particular style of backyard design.

Swimming pool rope swings are not necessarily a less expensive option than a diving board or slide. However, they are a fun alternative and one could be designed to work within your budget. At Parrot Bay Pools we have several more ideas when it comes to installing these swings and working them into your swimming pool design.

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