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When to Buy a Swimming Pool

When is the best time to plan, buy and build a pool?
If a swimming pool or spa is part of your dream yard, you may be wondering… “When is the best time to do it?” To answer that question, you must keep in mind that there are three distinct steps involved.


Before you can buy or build your pool or spa, you need a plan. You should begin planning as soon as possible. The sooner you start generating ideas, the better. That way, you will have more time to consider your most important needs and determine your best choices. Our Yardscape Design Guide can be a big help and it is free. We’d also be glad to work with you in person to help you plan the Yard of Your Dreams.


The best time to buy a pool may depend upon many personal factors but as far as the time of year is concerned, the best time to buy is nearly always now. There is a myth that pools are cheaper in the off-season and this is rarely true. The truth is, like any other product, the price is always going up and waiting will cost you. The myth is based upon the general policy of material suppliers and workmen to pass their price increases along in the spring, when their will be less buyer resistance to the increase. So, while it may not be cheaper to buy in the off-season it will cost you more to delay your purchase.


As a general rule, except for weather related issues, it is easier and faster to build a pool or spa in the fall, winter or early spring because there is less demand on the available work crews. This makes both planning and dealing with the unexpected go more smoothly and the unexpected is always part of any construction project. It is also the best way to be sure your pool is ready for the late spring and summer when you will want to use it most.

Let me help you start your planning process with a design and estimate, my creativity knows no bounds. Fill out the form and I will call you to set up a time to look at your yard (in the Little Rock area) and show you why I am so proud of my design skills.

Happy Customers

Colby Hawley
Colby Hawley
Fantastic service, Larry knew exactly what I needed to make my dream pool a reality! Very professional!!
Clinton Akerberg
Clinton Akerberg
We met with and interviewed several reputable pool companies in the area, and after a lot of time invested we went with Parrot Bay Pools based on their workmanship and the design Larry did for our backyard. We have a sloping yard and his design addressed all of our concerns with regard to drainage issues. Although the project took a little longer to finish than normal due to weather delays, Parrot Bay provided the quality we expected and suggested other ideas we implemented that makes for a beautiful landscape around our pool. We financed our pool with the assistance of Parrot Bay and the lender they recommended. After speaking with several lenders, Larry provided a great service that pointed us in the right direction. If you are considering a pool project for your backyard, we highly suggest you visit with the people at Parrot Bay. We couldn't be happier with their attention to detail, overall design, and process which was enjoyable at every turn. Highly recommend!!

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