Measuring Cost of Swimming Pool Ownership

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We have constructed many pool projects that cost around 35K and some 70K.  Believe it or not, the 35K project may have a higher “cost of ownership” vs. a 70K project. Let me explain.  Many clients just want a pool in their backyard.  Open it up in May and close it down at the end of September.  Five months of fun and then winterize and cover it up until next year.  No more going out to the poolscape and taken in the scenery.

Some clients who wish to have a spa combined with their pool project, continue to use their poolscape to enjoy the thermal water of the spa all year round, and more often than not, end up with a firepit to take the chill off in the cooler weather.  All new pools today have freeze protection built in, so if you choose not to winterize you are protected from pipe freeze up.  So let’s break this down in terms of monies invested.  If you use your spa twice a week during the “off” season, continue to enjoy the backyard living space for the next seven months before it gets warm enough to go swimming, how much is that 70K project really costing you in terms of ownership. Less than the 35K in terms of “usage and enjoyment”.

Ex.  Over a five year period (60 months) and usage is for five months out of the year for five years, then 25 Months divided into 35K = 1400 / year cost of ownership.  Same peroid, 60 Months divided into 70K =1,166 / year cost of ownership.  You can see how this plays out in your backyard project.  You don’t always have to bear the cost of owning a spa either, you can add water features, firepits, even a small cook center to enjoy the outdoor living space at a small cost to your overall project.  These add ons will allow the family to continue going outside to enjoy their investment once the cooler weather arrives.  It just needs to be planned / designed on the front end of your pool project so everything looks custom to the project and not “piece milled” or “backed in”.

Planning and designing pool projects for Arkansas weather conditions takes experience and better yet, having an understanding of how our clients really live their lives.  This is a balancing formula that allows Parrot Bay Pools to design your backyard oasis in a manner consistent with your lifestyle and budget.  This 3D video below is an example of a backyard project we designed which illustrates year round features, and lowers their cost of ownership as it allows year round enjoyment.

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