Inspiration for Small Swimming Pools

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A swimming pool can be a fantastic addition to your yard. To be able to walk outside and cool off in your pool on a hot day, or sit pool-side and read or relax is truly a luxury. Some homeowners may dream of adding a pool to their yard, but fear that their yard is too sloped, or too small, or that the soil would make construction difficult.

We’ve written about how to design and build swimming pools that accommodate yard slopes, and about different soil types in Arkansas that can make construction more complicated, and how experienced pool builders can construct a pool amid less than ideal soil conditions so that no issues arise down the road. But, what about small yards? If you have a petite yard is a swimming pool out of the questions? Not necessarily.

While it’s true that a small yard cannot usually accommodate a large pool or a diving pool, that doesn’t exclude you from having your own backyard escape. Before gunite (concrete) pools, you were more limited to the sizes and shapes that liner and fiberglass pools were available or commonly made in. If they didn’t fit your yard you were just out of luck. Unlike pre-designed liner and fiberglass pools, gunite pools are completely customizable and offers almost unlimited options. These pools can be easily designed to fit even small yards, or a small portion of your yard so the rest can be used for other purposes. They can also have several built-in features added to them like benches, swim-up bars and bar stools, spas and waterfalls.

You may be wondering if a pool that fits your small yard will also fit a smaller budget. A pool half the size of a larger pool will not necessarily be half the price of that pool. You will save on some of the materials because less of them will be needed, but things like the pool equipment (pump, heater, lighting, filtration system, etc.), the cost of getting the excavation and construction equipment to the site, and the labor cost will not greatly vary.

If you think a small swimming pool might be a good option for your yard, give us a call and we’ll be happy to take a look at it with you.

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