Don’t Make The Mistake of Placing The Wrong Lights in Your Pool

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A swimming pool with clear sparkling water on a sunny summer day can create a breathtaking focal point in any yard. Couple that with dancing water from fountains or deck jets and a custom swimming pool design that complements your home and yard, and you have a visual and auditory oasis, the perfect place to relax and check out of the stress and busyness of your day-to-day. But as the sun starts to set, will your oasis fade with it, or will it become a more dramatic and exciting night time escape?

Night time opens up a whole new array of design possibilities for your backyard. Your pool can disappear into the darkness or come alive with lights, color, and fire. Adding types of lighting is a great way to get more use out of your swimming pool. One of the most common ways to bring your pool project to life at night is with in-pool lighting. There are two main types of lighting available.

Incandescent is the most basic type. This is a somewhat antiquated lighting option. The main drawback with this type of lighting is the color limitations. In order to change the color of an incandescent pool light you have to place a colored filter over the light inside the pool. The bulb life is relatively short compared to the other options as well. If you are just wanting a basic and affordable way to light up your pool, this may be a good option. If you are wanting something with more capabilities, you should turn your attention to LED.

The most popular modern lighting option on the market is LEDs, which stands for light emitting diodes. These bulbs don’t emit any heat, they change colors and have several light show settings, and they have a very long life span compared to incandescent bulbs. The trade off is that the bulbs are more expensive. LED pool lights are the only option that offers vibrant lights with complete customization of color.

When deciding how to light your swimming pool you should ask your pool designer about initial cost, bulb replacement cost, and ease of maintenance. In addition to the information here, these factors can help you determine which swimming pool lighting option is best for you.

Bringing your pool to life at night starts with pool lighting, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Other ways to create a dramatic night time environment are to add outdoor lighting that highlights patios and walkways, landscaping, and structures such as your house, pool house, or swim up bar and kitchen.

If you are wanting to add and extra dramatic touch, building fire bowls into your pool design is an excellent way to do that. Fire bowls come in a wide array of styles and materials that will match any environment. These are a great way to create a warm, exciting ambiance around your pool.

If you’re on a budget less expensive options like lanterns, strings of lights, candles, and torches can be used to enhance your outdoor environment as well. Pinterest is a great resource for do it yourself lighting ideas.

Your pool designer should discuss with you options for lighting and the difference betweend them. Call us today at (501) 664-6861 if you should have any questions about lighting. Don’t make the mistake of placing the wrong lights in your pool.

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