In-Floor Cleaning Systems – Swimming Pools That Clean Themselves

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Having a beautiful custom in-ground swimming pool in your backyard is a lot like having your own personal resort. Unlike an actual resort though, you’re responsible for making sure your pool stays looking pristine.  What if your pool could clean itself?

Most pools have skimming systems that do a good job of keeping the surface of the pool clean. These systems involve jets around the top of the pool that push debris into the skimmers and is then filtered out, but debris also falls to the bottom and accumulates. These stagnant areas of the pool are prone to algae build up as well. In-floor cleaning systems target the areas that skimmers miss. These systems deliver automated, silent, and systematic programmed cleaning. With in-floor systems, cleaning heads are installed in the pool floor, steps and benches. These cleaning heads remain flush with the floor until water is directed through them for cleaning. During cleaning the heads pop-up and direct filtered, treated water across the floor and walls of the pool. This stirs up any dirt and debris so that it’s suspended and can be removed by the pools filtration system. The system rotates 360 degrees through each set of heads (zones) about every 60 seconds and cleans the entire pool in about an hour. 


This proper circulation keeps the pool clean and healthy and evenly distributes sanitized, and filtered water throughout the entire pool. This helps eliminate “dead spots” that can cause algae growth. If you have a heated pool, this extra circulation and distribution can also make your heater more effective and help eliminate cold layering. Each system is customized by the manufactuer for the pool it’s being installed in. The number and placement of the cleaning heads will be specific to the shape and size of the pool so that every area stay well circulated and clean. 

Because this system is “built in” it’s virtually invisible. There are no unsightly robots or hoses. But, most importantly, it keeps the pool clean on it’s own so you don’t have to.  Anytime your filter pump is running, the pool is being cleaned internally.  

When you are planning your pool, this is technology you may choose to visit.  We have a set up in our office to demonstrate the effectivness of the entire cleaning system.  Cleaning systems are often overlooked in the marketplace.  Check with your designer to make sure you have the proper cleaning system based on environmental factors and other requirements so your pool can be enjoyed and not become a maintenance issue.

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