Understanding Your Swimming Pool Company’s Schedule

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Summer is fading and it is actually beginning to feel more like fall. Less thoughts are on swimming pools and barbeques, and anticipation for the holidays and cooler weather are setting in. For the serious pool planner though, the one hoping to have their pool finished in time for next summer, you might need to keep thinking about that dream backyard a little longer instead of putting it off until spring.

Because of the relentless snow/icy and rainy weather this past spring, many swimming pool company’s scheduled projects have been pushed back by some 3 – 5 months.  Rain damage can set a project back significantly, like the pools in the photos below from last spring. While most projects take about 8-12 weeks to finish, the time before your project can be started will vary a lot based on the time of year and how many projects the pool builder has in their “queue”.  Most reputable pool companies have several projects scheduled at any given time. Because of the challenging spring we had this year, project “start times” may be farther out than you think.

So for YOU, the serious pool planner, what does all this mean? If you’re goal is to have a sparkling new pool up and running by summer 2016, contact your short list or potential swimming pool contractors sooner rather than later. Find out from each when you’re project would begin, what the estimated time to completion would be based on the scope of the project, and what potential delays could arise based on the season it would be under construction.

Once you have this information you’ll be better prepared to make a decision on when to initiate a contract, break ground, and get your dream backyard project underway.

With this being said, don’t delay your project any longer if it is still on your plate to do. Schedule meetings with your chosen pool companies and move toward placing your project on a companies schedule board.

Enjoy this nice fall-like weather.


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