Swimming Pool Shapes – What’s right for your family?

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Once you’ve decided to add a pool to your backyard and have gotten an idea of what type of pool financing is available to you, you’ll be ready to get started on your design. It’s important you know what financing options you have prior to the design phase so you know what your available budget is.

A lot of thought should go into your pool shape and style. There are several factors that will play a part in determining that shape. Function is a big factor. It’s important to know what you want to be able to use the pool for and to consider all the users. Will it be a family oriented pool that will incorporate a diving board, slide, grotto or other features your kids may enjoy? Or, maybe the pools primary function is to provide an oasis from the Arkansas heat, someplace to unwind from a busy week where every feature revolves around escape and relaxation. If that’s the case you may want to be able to incorporate features like a shallow tanning reef, swim up bar, or a relaxing water feature. If you want to extend the use of your pool into the cooler months, spas, firepits, or outdoor kitchens may also need to be incorporated into the design.

In addition to function, your available yard space also needs to be taken into consideration. You may need a strategic pool design to make the most of a small or oddly shaped yard, or perhaps you have more space than you literally know what to do with. Both are scenarios that our experienced designers and pool builders at Parrot Bay Pools knows how to deal with.

So what are the pool shapes that are available? They basically fall into two categories, Geometric and freeform.

Rectangular or Geometric Pools

 Rectangular pools, in addition to dating back to ancient times were also the earliest style of residential swimming pools in the homes of the rich and famous. Rectangular pools can be the perfect complement to both classic and modern homes.

Sleek, clean edges give some geometric pools a modern look while a simple rectangular pool with a radius at each end and symmetrical curves in the corner have a more classic feel. Both pools are more formal. Infinity edge pools also tend to be more geometric. Most have a straight or bowed edge. These pools are commonly seen in yards with views that overlook water or other expansive scenery. L-Shaped and Lazy L-Shaped are two other popular pool shapes would also fall under rectangular or geometric.

Naturalistic or Freeform Pools

In contrast with geometric pools, freeform pools are made up soft curves. These concrete (gunite) pools can be built in an infinite amount of pool shapes. Contemporary freeform pools often have natural rock or waterfall features that are designed to resemble a natural lake, lagoon or oasis. They are usually surrounded by lush landscaping and blend seamlessly with the rest of the yard.

These pools can be built into almost any yard including those that are oddly shaped, have limited space or a sloping landscape. These gunite pools can be built with a wide range of features including:

  • Beach entry or built in steps
  • Deeper areas for diving pools
  • Built in seating
  • Built in tables or bar areas
  • Tanning reefs
  • Waterfalls, fountains and bubblers
  • Spas
  • Grottos
  • and may other custom options

If your still not sure which pool shape and style are a perfect fit for you and your yard call our designers (501) 664-6861. After we review your yard and know what you are looking for in a pool we can show you a 3D video presentation of what the design will look like in your back yard.

While your still trying to gather ideas be sure and take a look at our Pinterest account. We recommend that you start a pool building inspiration board and keep track of all your favorite features and designs.

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