Off Season Swimming Pool Specials?

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I often get asked about fall or winter specials.  Are swimming pools cheaper in the off season?  Here is the crux of the matter.

Most off season “promotions” by pool companies are basically a marketing ploy in order to capture your business. Here at Parrot Bay Pools, we recommend you get two or three proposals for your backyard project, then evaluate the costs based on the design / shape and features provided to you by the companies.  Assess what’s offered by all considered and make an informed decision with all the facts regarding your potential project.  What you don’t want to see are corners being cut in order to reduce the pricing just to land your business.

Swimming pool construction, being an out-door building process, generally costs companies more to construct in the winter or off-season months than they do in the warm summer months.  Why is this?  Well, day light hours in the winter are shorter, reducing the number hours that can be worked in a day.  Soil conditions stays wetter due to lower temperatures.  Colder weather prohibits some parts of the process, i.e. plumbing pipe, pouring concrete, etc.  Water tables rise which can cause excavation issues during the digging of your pool.  These weather delays extend the construction process thereby costing companies more money and time to construct your pool project in the long run.  Labor and material cost do not drop in the colder months either.  At best, company margins may decrease somewhat due to the climatic conditions that may prevail.

Do companies have a minimal workload in the winter?  Most reputable swimming pool companies generally sell enough pool projects in the spring / summer months to carry-over into the winter months, generally allowing for new business to begin occurring in the spring of the next year.  Refurbishing of existing pools also takes place in the off season months as well.

So next time you see advertisements regarding “off season” specials, you might want to do your diligence and look at competitive proposals and obtain comparative analysis of your proposed project. If you have an interest this fall or winter in seeing what Parrot Bay Pools can do for you click here to request more information or call us at (501) 664-6861.

Looking forward to the cooler weather.


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