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As 2015 heats up, (if it ever stops raining) the trend of turning plain yards into backyard retreats will continue to increase. It is becoming more and more common not to just build a pool, but to transform your entire yard. The trend is to create a cohesive space where you can relax, entertain, or spend quality family time. There are unlimited possibilities and at Parrot Bay Pools, we plan every detail of your space around you and how you envision living in it. There are, however, two major overall backyard trends that continue to be popular: Natural and Modern.

Natural Backyards

Natural swimming pools, as we’ve talked about in our article on pool shapes, are pools that are typically freeform shapes. There are endless options when it comes to their shape. They are particularly perfect for small backyards, sloped yards, and yards that have existing structures that need to be worked around. Creating a Natural backyard does not stop at the pool shape. It extends to the pool finish, the coping, any special tiles that are used along the waterline or other areas of the pool, the patio decking, the water features, the landscaping and even the outdoor furniture. If you want a truly Natural look you may choose a more Natural finish color, like one that will give the pool water a more “aqua” color than a sky blue. Natural stone is commonly used for decking and coping to further create an earth-like setting. Rock waterfalls can be custom designed to accent your pool and they blend perfectly with this type of Natural environment. Finally, when selecting furniture for a Natural backyard, look for pieces with curves that will blend well with the organic space. Warm colors, earth tones, and Natural materials all compliment these types of spaces well.

Modern  Backyards

Instead of the organic freeform shapes that accompany a natural backyard, clean edges and stark lines are what form most Modern swimming pools. This style of pools are usually geometric shapes like we’ve mentioned in our article on pool shapes. They can be a simple rectangle, or a combination or various geometric shapes. Some of these pools may have one curved edge, but the majority of the will have clean lines. You can make these Modern looking pools even more stunning by adding an infinity edge with makes the water appear even with the top of the pool. These are particularly beautiful facing out towards stunning scenery. Instead of natural stone, these Modern pools incorporate glass tiles, travertine coping and often smooth uniform decking. Instead of earthy tones, these settings usually incorporate monochromatic tones and cooler colors that form the outdoor “color palette.” Sheer descent waterfalls are commonly used in Modern settings. These create a smooth sheet of water that looks more uniform than a rock waterfall. Rain curtains also complement this type of pool. Simple yet sophisticated accents and furniture can be found to complete a Modern style backyard.

Popular Backyard Features

Many backyard settings these days include much more than just a pool. There are several features large and small that can make your backyard warm and inviting.

Water features have become a very common addition to most custom pools. Like everything else they range from simple to extravagant and there are various types. No matter what type of pool you chose even a simple water feature can help create an even more relaxing environment. Some common options are rock waterfalls, sheer descent (sheet) waterfalls, laminar and deck jets, bubblers, and rain curtains.

Fire features have been steadily increasing in this Arkansas pool building market. Adding a fireplace or fire-pit can give you a new way to enjoy your backyard space in cooler evenings and seasons. There are choices that range from Modern and Natural to clean and sophisticated. Adding fire features to your pool, like fire bowls, can create a dramatic and inviting ambience after dark.

Fire is one way to bring light to your backyard after dark, but the most common way is with LED lighting. They can be used to highlight your swimming pool, landscaping or both. Most LED options can be controlled easily with a remote control or your smart phone.

Outdoor kitchens are another backyard option that has gained popularity over the past couple of years. Once you’ve completed your backyard oasis you’ll want to spend as much time there as possible. With an outdoor kitchen you can enjoy more time outside. This also keeps the party outside instead of inside your house. They create a great new way to entertain guests. Read about some of the different options you can include in our blog article on the things you must know about planning an outdoor kitchen.

Patio Decking can set the tone for the entire space and should compliment the style of your pool. If you have existing decking, you can stain or over-lay with new concrete to match the new pool patio. Like with most other features, there is a large selection of options to choose from. You can read about them in our blog article on choosing your swimming pool decking.

At Parrot Bay Pools, we can help you with your ideas regarding these options and design / create a project plan with a Modern or Natural style look that will compliment your home and move in synergy with the backyard spaces. Think about how this will all work out before you decide to just place a “blue hole” in the middle of your backyard. Proper planning is paramount when it comes to designing your spaces for your in-ground pool project. Contact us when you are ready to exchange your ideas, and we will share ours with you.

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