Different Types of Water Features for In-ground Swimming Pools

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Now that the rain has finally let up, we are back working dilligently to get caught up on our schedule.  The rain and wet grounds have placed us some two months behind normal schedule.  Ugghhh.

If you are planning a pool project this year, with the HOT weather just around the corner, you might want to consider some type of water fearture.  I have expanded on the types below to provide you with some information that may be helpful in your want list.



Water features are a great addition to any in-ground swimming pool design. Not only do they add beauty to the pool and create sparkling moving water throughout the pool, the soothing sound of moving water can also make your outdoor environment more relaxing. There are many different types of water features to choose from. Certain types my be recommended by your pool builder to match the style of your swimming pool design. Here are some of the most common water features available.

Rock Waterfalls are often paired with natural (organic) pool designs. They are a very common choice and often constructed out of different different types of natural rocks. Rock waterfalls vary in size and can be tailored to fit any size space. The water flow is very natural and uninhibited.

Sheer Descent waterfalls create an arc of water that projects away from the pool wall. These are often coupled with modern swimming pools. They create a thin uniform glass like sheet of water coming out of a narrow opening. The opening can vary in length from about eight inches to eight feet.

Rain Curtains are also typically paired with modern pools, and much like it sounds it creates a sheet of rain. Some rain curtains are places in stand alone structures, almost like a frame. Other curtains fall from the side of a structure like a pergola or awning that overlaps the pool.

Spillover Spas are not necessarily a water feature, but they create a similar effect. There is usually a lower groove in the spa edge that allows the water to spill over in to the pool. These are seen in all types of pool. Some spill over directly into the pool and others trickle down stones or tiles more like a natural waterfall.

Bubblers are usually seen in shallow areas of the pool like tanning ledges. The are a small jet in the floor of the deck that creates a stream of water that bubbles up. The height of the stream of water can vary. These are also seen in all types of pools.

Deck Jets are strong glass like streams of water that come out of the decking surrounding the pool and land in the water. They are typically seen in modern pool designs because of their sleek uniform look, but they can be used in any type of design. These jets, often called Laiminars,  can be illuminated by LED lights at night.

Sconces are thin streams of water that come out of decorative elements on the pool wall. They are usually ornate pieces, different types of animals are also common. These are typically seen in geometric swimming pools and give them a more ornate and traditional look.

If you have any questions about water features, or are ready to start planning your pool project, give us a call at your convenience at 501.664.6861.

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